What our clients are saying

Private room available, please call (413) 475-2683 for details or schedule a tour.

"This facility is second to none and was my mother's home for the last 3 years. Sadly, she recently passed but I just want to thank Ina Lungu and her staff for the compassionate care my mom received and the support they provided to our family. I highly recommend this facility to anyone that wants the best for their loved one." - Jamie and Lori S.

"My spouse is client at Caring Cabin where she receives excellent, attentive care. Residents are engaged in exercise and activities to the extent of their ability, including enjoyment of the beautiful and peaceful surrounding outdoors. The Cabin has become second home to our family, where we visit frequently and are warmly welcomed. " - Bill M.

"The Caring Cabin is much more than a safe clean and caring environment it's mom's home. When we decided to place mom in the Caring Cabin, we had no idea that one of our reasons would be that we enjoy coming to see mom. The environment is so pleasant, beautiful and relaxing. " - The Byers

"My wife has been a resident of Caring Cabin for 19 months and she has received wonderful care. She is very happy even though she knows her physical condition is deteriorating. The caregivers check on her regularly and attend to her needs. One special feature is that there is an RN on side at almost all times. I recommend Caring Cabin very highly. " - Bob G.

"Thank you for all the care and support you gave [our Hospice patient] and his family. You all gave him fantastic care." - Danielle Rorke, RN Evergreen Hospice

"Thank you all for caring so deeply for my father. You will always hold a special place in my heart." - Heather

"Thank you for the wonderful care you give our [father] every day. You are truly a blessing to our family. "- The Fisks

Additional references (from current and former client families) available upon request.



Honor, protect and serve our senior adults in a beatiful adult family home by meeting their daily needs with warmth, love, gentleness and companssion through qualified caregivers and comfortable amenities at manageable and predictable costs.

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